Armoflex Cable 3x14 (1H) Type MC
Cable Armorflex 2x14 (1H) Tipo MC

Cable Armorflex 2x14 (1H) Tipo MC

6,780.22 MXN

Cable assembled in factory of two, three or four conductors, formed by wires or cables of copper and soft, individual insulation thermoplastic of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and overlayer of polyamide (nylon),
carry a cable for isolated ground, gathering tape and engargolada armor of straps of aluminum alloy.

NOM-001-SEDE Official Mexican Standard. Relating to electrical installations.
UL 1569 Metal-Clad cables. (Cables with armor).
Maximum operating voltage: 600 V.

Maximum operating temperature in the conductor: 90 ° C only in dry environment.
Grounding conductor isolated and identified in green.
Thermoplastic insulation based on polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and overlaying polyamide (nylon).
Reduced insulation thickness and with polyamide (nylon) overlay.