Safety switch 3P 30A 600V H361

Safety switch 3P 30A 600V H361

10,340.87 MXN

Safety switch 3P 30A 600V H361

Heavy duty safety switches are used for industrial use, because they consider very robust construction aspects in all their components,
as well as all the security locks on the door
to guarantee the correct operation of the equipment even when it is handled by inexperienced operators.

Characteristics of Poles: 3 poles.
Nominal current: 30 to 400 A
Voltage: 240 V ~ 480 V ~
Frequency: 60 Hz
Interrupting capacity:
10 000 A, with class H fuses
200 000 A, with R, J or L class fuses

Cold rolled steel sheet enclosure, Type 1 for indoor use, Type 3R Rain-proof, Industrial-style 12k dust-proof with removable discs.
Color: Gray.



Applicable standards:


Note: 30 A equipment to 100 A accept drivers of 60 or 75 C

Equipment 200 A 400 A accept conductors 75 ° C.