I-Line distribution board model ML400161B
I-Line distribution board with 600V main shoe.

I-Line distribution board with 600V main shoe.

46,707.80 MXN
Sqare-D (Schneider)


The family of I-Line panel distribution boards are used for the distribution or sub-distribution of electric power in industrial or commercial installations in ranges from 100 up to 1200 A providing
> protection for users, equipment and electrical installation,
its exclusive system of plug-in switches allows a fast, safe and flexible installation.
The I-Line panel takes its name from its bus arrangement < br> vertical sandwich configuration forming an "I", the bars are supported continuously by fiberglass reinforced polyester insulators, which provide great rigidity and stamina.

Technical information:

For 3-phase-4-wire electrical systems.

Maximum operating voltages: 600 Vac, 250 Vdc.

Connection to main shoes (400 A to 1200 A) or main switch (100 A to 1200 A).

Buses in tinned aluminum from 100 A to 600 A and in copper plated from 800 A to 1200 A

Envelope type Nema 1 (standard) Nema 12
and 3R also available.

Mount overlap: Up to 200 kA Icc