Dry transformer model 15T132H
Dry transformer 480 V

Dry transformer 480 V

70,410.60 MXN

Transformers of general purpose distribution in low tension, dry type, manufactured in capacities from 15kVA's to 500kVA's, with aluminum windings, core-winding assembly mounted on rubber supports to minimize maximum noise levels.
The Nema 2 cabinet of the transformer has windows at the top to allow air to circulate directly on the core-coil assembly allowing it to cool down.

Dry transformer in low voltage.

• Capacities from 15 to 500 kVAs.

• Aluminum windings.

• Three transformation relationships to choose:

- 480-220Y127 Vc.a.

- 440-220Y127 Vc.a.

- 480-208Y120 Vc.a.

• NEMA 2 indoor service cabinet

in Gray ANSI 49 color.

• Insulation system for 220 ° C.

• Designed for 150 ° C.

• Delta on the primary, star on the secondary.

• With 2.5% leads above and below

the rated voltage.

• Meet or exceed standards NMXJ-351, IEEE,


• Tejadillo (optional) for outdoor use (Nema 3R)

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